Gnu x Airblaster SPAM

GNU Snowboards
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Its comes down to this: The SPAM 1 was just a prototype for the chowder smashing tool you see before you. We never wanted to slice the powder, we wanted to throughly thrash and destroy it with artful and stylish strokes, preferably with an object both sharp and blunt. After 22 weeks of continuous testing of SPAM I by scientists both goofy and regular, in all imaginable types of powder, including but not limited to: hot powder, blower pow, cherry-cherry pow-pow, creamy windpack soft-serve, and even through one reportedly barely successful encounter with the rare and deadly chunky nuggets of re-frozen chunder balls with a light dusting of cold pow…. We dove deeper and delved further into the realm of hybrid beasts. We accelerated down the rabbit hole of powder rocket blast-i-ness… Where were we? We arrived here. SPAM II, experience it before it experiences you. Just kidding about that. Airblaster x Gnu, truth.



  • Size: 157 cm
  • Contact Length: 105 cm
  • Side Cut: 7 m
  • Nose / Tail Width: 31.7 / 29.1 cm
  • Waist Width: 26 cm
  • Stance Min-Max / Set Back: 19.5"-24" / 2"
  • Flex: 6.5
  • Weight Range 110-240 lbs