Capita Snowboarding


Capita Snowboards was founded by former pro riders Blue Montgomery and Jason Brown in 2000 out of a garage in Seattle, Washington together with homies like Dustrin Krysak or Corey Smith.

When the Elan snowboard factory, located in Furnitz, Austria, declared bankruptcy in 2013, Capita Snowboards decided to buy the factory, that produced their whole range of snowboards, to make sure the 2013/2014 line will be delivered in time and with no decline in quality of the products. Former Elan Austria CEO and Technical Director Michael Kollman as well as fifty highly skilled operatives have been retained.

Capita Snowboards stand for progressive quality and sustainable materials, that are still durable and give you that extra kind of stoke. Models like the Black Snowboard of Death have won several awards over the seasons and plenty of Capita’s boards have become bestsellers. Each season the developers include more innovative board designs and technologically advanced products.

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